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The use of virtual call centers has been popular, especially after the COVID pandemic. Originally designed to support customers in different time zones, virtual call centers are now an effective way of saving the cost of running a support team while addressing the needs of the company. They allow a remote contact center model where the support or call center agents are not confined to a device or an office.

AirCall is a virtual call center software that aims to transform customer experiences. The software is designed for customer-centric teams that improve customer experience by offering IT-approved solutions for sales and support teams. Once the call center platform is deployed, your remote call agents will log into the system from their respective locations. They will then have access to all the tools needed to offer customer support and handle all customer calls in a similar way they would in an office environment.

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What is AirCall

AirCall is a call center software that pulls together customer communication channels such as email. Phone, SMS, and web chat into a consolidated interface. The interface is fully equipped with professional call center capabilities, allow the support team to address the needs of customers efficiently. Since the support team works remotely, they have the freedom to receive inbound calls and manage outbound queries from anywhere. The flexible deployment options provide a cost-effective solution to the conventional office-constrained call center solutions.  

AirCall greatly improves the productivity of the sales and customer support teams that deal with high traffic of customers’ concerns or inquiries. It also allows the team to work remotely and entirely online without hardware. They offer the service virtually while enjoying the benefits of office-based support operations.  

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Why Use AirCall

AirCall is the ultimate cloud-based phone system that will revamp the performance of your sales and support team. The virtual call center software provides more opportunities for agents to interact with each other and with customers. It also allows business owners and managers to easily monitor their employees while reducing administrative burdens and security risks associated with having all agents in the same location. In this regard, several features make AirCall stand out:   

  1. Quick Set up in Seconds: Setting up AirCall takes seconds with no hardware or extra technicalities required. The platform is a beautiful cloud call center solution that will help your support team start conversations anywhere at any time. 
  2. Gain More Visibility: With AirCall, you can get rid of the guesswork and offer your customers the service they are looking for. The platform allows you to monitor individual and team metrics in real-time, helping you to make measurable improvements for your customer service function.
  3. Ease of Connecting to Other Tools: The best way to make communication seamless is to have all your tools tied together in the cloud. AirCall can be integrated with Helpdesk solutions, CRM systems, and other essential apps.
  4. Improved Agents’ Productivity: AirCall keeps your support team engaged and keeps the business growing. Use the platform to create new teams, numbers, and workflows as new business requirements arise.    
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Creating a Virtual Call Center with AirCall

The first step in creating a call center is choosing the kind of business phone setup to use. This will serve as the basis for installing AirCall. The virtual call center is easy to set up since it does not require any new hardware. You only install the software or app on existing devices. 

The next thing you need to decide is whether you will employ your own staff as call center agents or hire the services of an external third-party call center. While both options are effective, the choice will depend on how personalized you want the customer experience to be. Make sure that you implement the core call center best practices to make it fully optimized and operational.  

Once you have the system and the staff in place, the next step is to thoroughly train the agents to use the software effectively. The training is focused on the best practices for a virtual call center and the necessary phone etiquette, scripts, and customer support skills. Whether you are building your own call center team or outsourcing the service from a third party, training will ensure that the agents represent the values of your business. It is also important to offer regular briefing and constant communication about new products or changes. All the important security procedures should be clearly highlighted and explained. Since the agents will be handling sensitive and confidential information, they should be vetted for security practices and policies.  

To set up a virtual call center, start by booking a Demo with AirCall. You will get to evaluate the usability of the software before installing it. Enjoy dozens of time-saving, valuable, and innovative integrations that will make your customer experience better and more effective.

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How AirCall Works

AirCall is a virtual call center software, which functions through VoIP technology. The VoIP technology provides the infrastructure necessary for transmitting calls over an internet connection. This allows information to be conveyed via devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and VoIP hard phones.  

With the VoIP technology, AirCall call centers can store data securely in the cloud. This allows for the integration of many external SaaS applications for the more efficient functioning of the call center agents. You can integrate the virtual call center to help desks, major CRMs, eCommerce platforms, chatbots, marketing software, and more.  

The direct connection to the cloud means that the virtual call center software stores customer inbound calls from both new and existing customers. The data is securely stored and can be retrieved easily whenever needed. AirCall also comes with advanced features such as CTI pop-ups that sync customer call logs with CRM programs like HubSpot so that the customer does not have to reiterate their issue every time they call or are redirected to another agent.  

In addition to data storage, you can also set up route calls with the AirCall software. This allows routing of calls to the correct agent and department through a customizable IVR menu. Other features that make AirCall the ideal virtual call center include smart routing based on the skill sets and language capabilities of the agent, callback options, sorting calls into call queues, call whispering, live call monitoring, warm transfers, and more. The software also helps in follow-up and after-call strategies such as tagging, live note-taking, and detailed analytics. 

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Benefits of AirCall Call Center

AirCall is a virtual call center software that can be integrated with other software. Implementing this software in your business operations offers several benefits. The main advantage is the lower cost of installation and operations. AirCall is an easy-to-install software that costs less to achieve a professional business phone system. As a virtual call center software, AirCall does not require any hardware nor does it need IT technicians to get it operations. You simply download the software from a browser or as a mobile app and install it on employees’ devices such as laptops and smartphones. 

AirCall is not only easy to install and start operation but also costs less to maintain. The on-site maintenance of the software is almost obsolete. AirCall is easy to upgrade and it is maintained by the AirCall SaaS partners for continued support. Since AirCall allows for distributed teams working off-site, business costs can be lowered even further. The virtual call center software enables multilingual support and 24/7 customer services, which are necessary for companies serving large internal markets.  

Installing AirCall will dramatically enhance customer experience and ease the work of the call center agents. The virtual call center software streamlines processes and sets up for collaboration across departments. With enhanced communication, sales cycles in a company are shortened and optimized. As the workload of the center agents is reduced, they get to focus on fine-tuning their scripts, prospective quality leads and concentrating more on closing deals. Using features like the sales dialer or the click to call, sales agents can concentrate filly on engaging customers better and offering more personalized calls.  


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Integrating AirCall to

My experience with has been one of the most fulfilling. The platform allows easy integration of software and effective management of teams. With all tools under one platform, you can also have everything on the go under a single work hub. AirCall is the first telephony app to integrate with I have found this integration effective in providing sales and support teams the benefits of the high-quality call using a modern cloud phone solution. The sales team can save time with automatic call logging, click-to-dial, and quick access to contact details. CRM is built on an intuitive and low-code Work OS that empowers sales teams and managers to take full control of their sales pipeline while increasing their productivity. Since everything will be controlled in the same platform, integrating Aircall to Monday CRM is effective in streamlining sales processes, management interactions, and contact information. From my own experience, this has helped in making data-driven decisions with real-time tracking, quickly viewing customer data in a snapshot, and accessing all important details in a centralized location.






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